Welcome message FBI, AIVD

This is a welcome message!
To everybody who is interested, but especially to the American Government employee burdened with the daunting task of auditing my brother-in-law’s family contacts for a work related security clearance. (realy! I thought it was a joke to…)
I cannot even begin to imagine how boring that job must be so let me try to make it a bit more interesting for you. And maybe brighten your day a little by bringing a smile on your face. 😀
I have some rather interesting thoughts (if I am allowed to say so myself 😉 ) on a range of subjects.
So let me make you a score-card and see how many points I get.
Let’s have some FUN!!!


1: ATOM BOMBS ON HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI were dropped AFTER Japan surrendered and meant to scare the bejeebers out of Russia and China. And as a convenient way to obtain some field research data on human subjects.
2: USA WELCOMED NAZI SCIENTISTS AFTER WWII They gave Nazi scientists career oppertunities and washed away their past. So they could live and prosper in USA, together with their families. Erich Traub, Werner von Braun along many others.
Realy! At Building 257 on Plum Island, New York, by Nazi scientist Erich Traub. Outdoor tests were done with ticks, infected with a cocktail of Borrelia, Barbesia, Mycoplasma, Rickettsia and so on. Laying off most of the security gards because of budget cuts made it possible for deer to swim back and forth between Plum Island and the main land (near Town of Old Lyme) bringing the infected ticks with them and unleashing a global epidemic…
4: 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB Set up to gain support for the removal of Saddam Hussein and the destabilization of The Middle-East. The WTC towers were desintegrated bij a small nuclear device. The evidence is in the molten rock underneath Ground Zero.
5: THE ACCUSATION OF IRAK HAVING WMD’S IS A HOAX!!! Hahaha, I am getting that point for sure!
6: FORT KNOX IS EMPTY!!! The gold is gone! Remaining are some Tungsten ingots with a thin layer of gold. China is not amused…
7: THE MURDER OF MOAMMAR AL-QADHAFI was ordered to stop him from launcing a Monetairy Standard based on the gold Dinar. And the Libian people got robbed of their gold stash by the west…
8: OH WAIT, THE GOLD MAY BE BACK!!! The stolen Libian gold has to be somewhere…What better place to hide it than in the Fort Knox vault that should be full of gold but was not and now is again…
9: DEPOPULATION OF THE MIDDLE-EAST The Elite’s need geologically stable area’s as safe zones to take shelter for the next extinction level event. Oil formation takes a long time, stable area’s are to be found where the oil is. The oil is not what they aim for, although it comes in handy for the money and for the “smoke screen”. It is the safe zone’s that they are after. And they do not like the idea of having a lot of desperate people roaming around the locations of their bunkers when the time has come…
10: U.S. NIH FUNDED THE CREATION OF COVID-19 “to protect American people from labs that aren’t up to standard” , the NIH decided to fund unreliable labs elswhere to do the dangerous jobs for them …..WOAAAH??? No, Wuhan… Institute of Virology was the lucky one. And quite convenient also, should something escape. Tracing the start of an epidemic back to China sounds a lot nicer than, let’s say for instance, Old Lyme’s Town, New York….
11: COVID-19 PANDEMIC IS CREATED TO PUT THE WORLDS POPULATION UNDER MARTIAL LAW Nessecary to maintain infrastructure and keep supply and escape routes open for use by the Elite People as long as possible. So they can get underground in time, awaiting the Global Extinction Event
Vaccination against Covid-19 will make people more susceptive to Covid-21. The same way as seasonal flu vaccinations doubled the risk of Covid-19 infection. The third and the fourth wave brings populations back to manageable numbers.
Shellshocked, every community will fall back on itself, gouvernment falls apart, fear for another wave will keep people locked in at home. The roads are clear.
13: 5G NETWORK IS CREATED FOR THE AFTERMATH After the geomagnetic storm levels of radiation and electricity in the air will be hightened. To guarantee the survivors ways to communicate a stronger system was needed. The 5G network will bring no significant health risk for the population because the Elites go savely underground. The others, well, after they have been microwaved, who cares about 5G….
14: SUPER CORONAL MASS EJECTION OR SOLAR FLASH/MICRONOVA EVENT The sun will “burb” and bombard the earth with plasma. It will be much stronger than the Carrington event and could be similar to the event of 9700 BC.

So, what do you think, 10 out of 14?
Of course, you don’t know.
If you were in the know you would not be doing the shitty job you are doing right now….
But maybe I triggerd some curiosity spark in you, Background Checker or in the other readers on my Facebook. Have lots of fun Google-ing the mentioned themes and extrapolations!

You are all welcome to leave me a score in the comments section below. Let me know how many out of those fourteen brainfarts you think are on point. Mentioning only the total score is fine. But feel free to elaborate on the specific numers 😉


Thank you for the time you took to read this. Here, have a Cat Meme!

Petra Boonstra

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